Company makeover

More focus and better recognition; from an authentic identity towards a clear strategy and strong image.



“We realize meaningful and lasting company image’s in today’s world”

We work with you on the critical elements for an optimal image of your company.


Starting by (re)assessing your authentic identity and strategy (DNA) and create a matching visual identity. Based on your (stakeholder) needs. We can also help with guiding the implementation.


We make a difference by working together passionately. And only focus pragmatically on what needs to be done. By being critical, knowledgeable and emphatic, we make big impacts with small changes in a short periode of time.

Authentic DNA

Our mission:
Facilitate towards a
seamless & adequate DNA

Your company DNA can’t lie, because that’s who you are. But is it adequately addressed? Does your mission, vision, strategy or goals still fit in today’s world? Are they clear for all your stakeholders? Are they in sync with your company’s core values, beliefs and competences? If not (fully), it’s hard to create the right identity and spread the right message. If needed, we help sharpen these effectively with easy-to-use tools and bring the right focus. A sanity check or small adjustment can make a big difference!

Deliverable: Clear & focused company identity & DNA (mission, vision, strategy, goals, values, competences)

Obvious visual identity

Our mission:
Optimize all expressions
of your DNA

Your visual identity convey symbolic meanings that cannot be imparted through words alone. In fact, they can even be more powerful than words. Based on your company DNA, we ‘transform’ your identity towards company expressions the way they should be perceived by your stakeholders in today’s world. With our design experience and strategic outsider view, we bring all elements together that will give you the effective appearance you need.

Deliverable: Strong and matching visual identity.

Consistent radiation

Our mission:
Safeguard and guide you
in the consistent implementation

Once your DNA and visual identity is set, it should be lived through and expressed across the company and outwardly. All means must be aligned and harmoniously set in place. Consistently! We can help safeguarding an uni-vocal implementation throughout the company and make sure that everybody will basically get the same feeling by. Both internal as external. And not only online, but also your offline marketing communication.

Deliverable: Guidance and coordination of consistent implementation and (out)sourcing the creation of all communication means.


 We make a difference by working together passionately and only focus pragmatically on what needs to be done.
By being critical, knowledgeable and emphatic, we make big impacts with small changes in a short periode of time.
We are strong at strengthening your company image.

We facilitate and challenge you to get the best out of you. Together!


Listen, interpret and transform in creative solutions. Having a keen eye for details.


Fast but sound results based on broad experiences and not afraid to get our hands dirty.


Just do mentality. Always a solution; organically produced, but structured and decisively!


We get everything connected and harmoniously aligned throughout the company.


Strong at visualizing your company values and strengths.


Company makeover is a virtual strategic branding agency for large to smaller companies.

Company makeover is initiated by Rob Dekkers and consists of a network of experts in Strategy, Branding & Design. Through the years Rob has built experiences and a strong network in this area. We actively work together with the client, usually in pairs, as the combination of our skills enhances the output for the client. We create a highly productive setting in a structured, but flexible manner.

We guide companies through a process of (re)defining the authentic existence of the company into a clear company DNA and transforming that into a visual identity that speaks for itself. We have learned, and are convinced, that that’s the only way to create a meaningful and lasting company image. Our focus is to get you back on track in a short period of time.



Also want to get the right image (back) ?

Company makeover enables you to make a lasting impression!

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